Finding something to do with your baby


One of the hardest things I found to do after having my baby was to get out of the house and find things for us to do.  I searched high and low on Google and my local council website but couldn’t find anything.

I turned to Twitter to see if anyone could recommend any mummy & baby groups in my area and I found an App called Hoop.

Hoop has saved me so much time in finding loads of great things to do.  You can search by day, date and location and you can even sort out free or paid activities so you can always find something perfect to do.

It is updated every day with new things to do and lets you know what is going on.  I recently found my local cinemas both hold a baby & parent movie morning on different days.  They happened to be showing the Trolls movie, but given I haven’t been to the cinema since having my baby I’m not complaining!

Even during half term, I have been able to find plenty of things to do which I found very surprising as I thought everywhere would be taking a break or fully booked.

Another activity I found on the app was a sensory play class which I take my little one to every Tuesday and he absolutely loves interacting with different and unusual objects as well as getting the chance to develop his social skills.

Here are some of the classes I have been able to find on the app:



*Sing and Sign


*Storybook Playtime


*Baby Bounce and Play






*Monkey Music Heigh-Ho


*KangaRooKids: Bouncing Joeys


*Jingle Babies


*Baby Talk


*Baby Sensory


*Baby Yoga


*Mini Mozart Babies


*Baby Massage


*Movers and Shakers


As you can see there is so much variety and that is just for babies, there is more stuff for toddlers to do so if you are ever in need of an idea for something to do with your little one or just want to get an idea of what’s on near you I would recommend you download the Hoot App.  After all,it’s free to download and has loads of great activities.

You can visit their website for more information

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