What a year it has been

Ok, so I know I have uploaded this post quite late but I did get distracted by the festive season and I do have a six-month-old baby now (who demands my attention at all times now!).

During my pregnancy, I constantly imagined what it would be like to have a baby at Christmas. Now he is here and we have had our first Christmas together it feels like giving birth and all those little first milestones have happened so quickly and it feels like time is speeding up.

I remember how scared I was during my pregnancy. All those horrible stories about what can happen to you when you are pregnant and the constant midwife checks used to scare me. I don’t know why I used to get scared but everything about having your first child is a source of worry and confusion.

Every little pain or kick or hiccup makes you wonder if your baby is ok or if you are throwing up too much for baby to get any nutrient from you or if that 11 pm craving for a hamburger will cause unnecessary weight gain. But somehow I think even these will come back if I get to have a second child.


There are so many things I wish I could have told myself or go back and change.

My first would be to tell myself to embrace and enjoy my pregnancy more. For some reason, I spent my time living in fear that someone would say my bump is huge and I would wear things that would cover it up.

I wish I would have had the confidence to just not care about my bump and putting on a little bit of weight. When I look back at the pictures of myself I think I looked really good and that I could have embraced my body.

In the last month of pregnancy, it really hit me that I was about to be a mum! My due date was around the corner and it seemed to just come out of nowhere. I start my maternity leave a month before so I guess that gave me too much thinking time!

I used to worry so much about actually giving birth (how does a little human get out of my lady parts???!) How will I feel during? After? How long will it take me to recover?

Well, I figured this all out on the 28th of June when the baby decided to make an early appearance and I’m proud to say I did it. I experienced labour and I got him out!

Christmas 2016 has been amazing there is something special about a baby being around at Christmas it just makes it all that more special. Little one got so many Christmas presents from family and friends that our front room just looks like a toy shop!

The best part is he also received a lot of new clothes for when he is bigger (so that will save my partner and I some money on buying him new clothes!)

Ok I think I am rambling but what I really want to say is that I cannot believe what a year 2016 has been my life has changed so much for the better and I have my own little family

I can’t wait for 2017 I know that it will also be an amazing year for my family and me.

Here’s to an amazing and productive 2017.

Happy New Year to all

Mummy Bee


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