We’ve made it!

I cannot believe how quickly the past 4 months have gone. I remember being told I could leave the hospital with my lovely beautiful (and quiet) little baby boy with big brown eyes who has now changed into a very vocal and squirmy boy.


He has developed and changed in so many ways he is no longer the little baby I brought home. Some people may think they are small changes in the grand scheme of things but to me, they have been so big!


The one thing I don’t think has changed is my body, despite going back to the gym and working out at home I am convinced that I still look pregnant! Oh well, one thing at a time I guess.

Sleep (dreaded 4-month sleep regression)

If I take away one lesson from bringing up a child, it is that it doesn’t matter what routine you get yourself and your little one into, they will chop and change it as they want.


I thought I had really got one down, he had a nice daily routine established. He would feed, bath and sleep at the same times every day. I could get things done knowing that he would wake up the same times every day. I could get at least 6 good hours of sleep a night!


As soon as he turned 4 months – he wanted to change all of that. Waking up after 20 minutes of sleep, staying awake for longer and crying because he cannot get himself to sleep.


Having no idea why he was suddenly being like this I turned to Google (my best friend and worst enemy in one!). In a lot of the online forums, I was reading people were talking about the 4 / 5-month sleep regression which is described as “when a baby who is normally sleeping will begin to wake frequently at night and fights naps”


Bingo! That is exactly my little baby. All his little cries before falling asleep only to wake up 20 minutes later were exactly what people were describing. Being a little bit selfish I started to think about how would I get any of my blog stuff done or film my vlogs now he won’t sleep during the day!!


It feels like every time we make a development step forward; we take two back and I know I must not give up on making his routine work in the long run. But right now it feels like it will just carry on forever and I hope he doesn’t keep this up too long.



I am still breastfeeding him and I am so happy that I have got the hang of it, I am a lot more confident (not to mention more comfortable) than I used to be. I have noticed that T does not need to feed as often as he used to, which I have to say thank god as my nipples need longer breaks in-between feeds.


I do have one question about feeding, can someone please tell me how to get him to take a bottle?? He refuses to take one whenever my partner or I try to give him one.


I still want to continue breastfeeding him but I want him to take one feed during the day from a bottle so my partner can feed him too. We have both tried feeding him from the bottle and he just plays with the teat before pushing it away.


He now gives a look of disgust/horror as soon as he sees the bottle coming towards him



I love that we now get more interaction from him. He has discovered his little hands can be used to hold and move stuff, his legs can help him move around his voice can be used to make noises. It really is a cute and amazing thing to see him discover the world around him.


He loves to scream, grunt, laugh and blow raspberries amongst other sounds. He being held in a standing position so he can better look around the room. My absolute favourite thing to see is when he smiles at me it just makes my day.



I mentioned his love of standing and working out his legs and hands can help him move around. Every day he gets a little more coordinated and he now reaches out to grab things or moves forward to pick up a toy and he kicks out in excitement when he sees our faces.


The other day I was playing with him and he reached up and grabbed my hair!! Ouch! I now always remind myself not to let him within reaching distance of my hair and to never underestimate his grip again!



I thought that the crying would be less at this point but no, he still cries a lot absolutely everything makes him cry. When will this end??? Hopefully soon.


I will say it again I still cannot believe that I have got this far and I have done ok I think, and I am so awed and happy with T’s development and I cannot wait to see what more is in store. We are currently trying to master sitting up so watch out the world.


Anyway, I think I hear him crying now so duty calls.


Thank you for reading


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