Not perfect…

Before my baby came along, I always thought of myself as very organised, tidy and house proud person and have always done my best to keep everything in its place.


However, this all changed once my baby was born. For the first two weeks, I found myself running around the house cleaning and tidying every room because I had visitors every day and I wanted the house to look perfect.


I know that was a bad idea, trying to keep a house looking immaculate and looking after a newborn it all just made me very tired and exhausted. But at the time I could not stand the thought of having people visit and them seeing a sink full of dishes or my laundry basket overspilling with the washing that needs to be done.


I just didn’t want anyone to see my house this messy. I know it’s silly to care about what others think and its crazy to run around cleaning and tidy on zero sleep and rest.


However, this all changed when my baby was three weeks old and I got to a point where even putting laundry in the washing machine was too much work for me to do.


I remember the day so well. I had just woken up from a nap with baby, I still felt tired and looked a mess and my partner came home from work and joked that the house looked like a new born lived here.


Just that simple comment made me realise that actually, it’s ok for the house to be a mess sometimes, that it’s ok that the washing up hasn’t been done or the laundry basket is full. Because after all I needed to sleep and rest to be able to look after my baby properly and this is more important than doing the ironing.


I find that there is a lot of pressure from family, friends, the media, social media and even other mums to be “perfect” and show you can be a super mum by looking after the baby, taking care of yourself and keeping your home tidy.


But we are allowed to have a break and take some time to relax. I now find it’s easier to just tidy one room at a time and not the whole house in a day.


I’m far too busy making sure my baby is fed, changed and entertained to care about the dishes and cleaning up any mess.


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