One week old baby boy

As I write this I still cannot believe that my baby is here and he is 1 week old already I feel like he only just came into the world yesterday.

I have learned a lot from my new-born mostly that I can run on little to no sleep, how is it possible to function on no sleep during the week and still be able to continue with my day to day tasks as well as look after my baby. It must be a parent survival skill for dealing with newborns.

I am getting the hang of looking after this beautiful little person that depends on my partner and me for everything. I was so proud of myself when I gave him his first birth as this was something that I was very anxious about, but I managed to do it and he did not cry he seemed to enjoy his bath.

I still have my moments when I call my mum and ask her opinion or help on something and of course, my mum still comes around every day to check that my partner and I are ok which is nice and it gives us a break and it means she gets to have lots of cuddles with the baby.

There are so many things that come with looking after a newborn that no one tells you about I wish they came with a manual. I find myself constantly looking in on him when he is asleep in his Moses basket to make sure that he is ok and I think this drives my mum crazy. I constantly fret about his comfort wondering if he is comfortable if he needs anything.

I did decide to breastfeed my baby as I think the benefits of breastfeeding out way bottle feeding and also because I wanted the extra bond with my baby and also it is cheaper it means that I do not need to spend money on baby formula. I feed my baby on demand and do not currently have a timetable for his feeds I just feed him when he needs to be fed but I hope that in time I will have a feeding and sleeping timetable for him when he is older.

I was very nervous about the sleepless nights but I feel that I have been very lucky as my baby only wakes up twice in the night and does not cry that much, however, I feel that this could all change once he starts getting colic.

Already, I feel like my baby is changing every day and I just want to take it all in and remember it all for the rest of my life.

I am looking forward to the rest of my journey with my baby as I am sure it will be full of love, adventure and learning.


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