Baby On Board!!



I never thought that travelling to and from work while pregnant was going to be so difficult. I mean do not get me wrong I know how hard it is to travel on the Tube anyway all the pushing and shoving and bumping into its like people leave all manners at the station entrance.

I actually felt quite embarrassed at first wearing my “Baby on Board” badge I did not start wearing it until I was into my 6 months I just felt like it was advertising to people that I had sex and got pregnant.


However, now I understand the need to wear it even though most people ignore it. I just feel like we are all so engrossed in our lives and getting to work and from we never look up at the world and people around us, don’t get me wrong I am one of those people that sit on the train staring at their phone and never looking up.


But before I was pregnant I did always occasionally look up to make sure that there wasn’t anyone standing up near me that needed my seat more than I did and I never used to sit in the first two seats for old people, pregnant women and disabled people.


I am absolutely fine with standing up on the train I do not always need a seat its just the fear of someone bumping into my bump or falling into me or being hit in the abdomen by a huge bag all of this has happened to me many times and no one even says sorry even though they can see the badge. Oh and once I standing by the door and had this really big tall man lean on me as if using me to hold him up and I had to turn around for him to see the badge I have to say he did look very embarrassed that will be the last time he uses another human being as a leaning post.


As I was saying I do not always need a seat for the tube as most of the time I am absolutely fine with standing I just don’t want to be standing up in a space where I will be bumped into or there is a risk of me falling and hurting my unborn baby. This is what people do not understand they just think all pregnant women want to do is get them out of their seats and sit down.


Yes sometimes I do have really bad back pain and abdomen pain at the end of a long day and sitting down does help but please believe I just want a seat to protect my baby.


Now, this is not to say that everyone on the Tube is rude and ignores you I have had plenty of good experiences so many times I have had a seat offered to me by a gentleman or a lovely lady and have always made sure to thank them.


sometimes I get on the train and someone will look up and see me and offer a seat straight away and sometimes I will get on and all the seats have been taken up by mostly men and not even one offers a seat or looks up and even if they do look up they look they will just ignore me. I would say that a majority of people are very kind and offer you a seat or give you more space on the train and take care not to squish you or bump into you.


Thank goodness I only have two more months left of work before I go on my maternity leave as I get bigger I worry more and more about my travel to work and anticipate what sort of journeys I will have, I actually think that the traveling to and from work is the most stressful part of my working day.


I warn all you working pregnant ladies to always take care of your bump when on the tube as most people will not even notice or care that you are pregnant and will walk right into you or bump into you.


However, you will have days where there is a nice stranger who will offer you a seat or will help you get to a seat on a packed train.

Thank you for reading my post

Mummy Bee



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